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Vår Vision

från Ingenting till Någonting


Vår Vision

från Ingenting till Någonting

Once upon a time

inside the Inwardness

Something was bubbling up

Simply the tiny Wonder

Yes, tiny Wonder was in fact so tiny

that the only tiny thing it could actually do was to just be itself

Which of course was to just be the wonder 

But then, what exactly is just a little tiny wonder, you might wonder 

Well it's just a little questionmark Sort of... 


And as usual when one wonders something, it comes of course

sooner or later an answer ...

And can you think ...

The answer to that little Wonder's little wonder

was actually anything but tiny .... Yes, the answer that then suddenly popped up was as infinitely large as you can only imagine in the imagination ....

Yes, it just happened when All Possible Consciousness suddenly woke up

And can you imagine just at that moment something magical happened

Yes, then suddenly the tiny Wonder also got it

access to all those Possible Consciousnesses

but in its own invisible way understood

Yes, that was what happened when the little Wonder got access to everything possible

Yes, suddenly Wonder could wonder about anything - at any time

- anytime and anywhere ...

Yes, it simply turned into all the wonders you can only wonder one of all these wonders was

And it was lucky because otherwise it would hardly even be visible
A tiny little seed of a longing

About Enlightenment,

about the possibility

to also be

and create

beyond the limit

we think we are

And out of the tiny little bubble of longing

it bubbled up lots more bubbles

Bubbles of questions about all that, questions like:

Who? How? When? Where? For whom and for whom?

And out of the bubbles of questions, of course, bubbles of answers bubbled up!

which all together constituted a whole

The Enlightenment


Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either

ur Nothing

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