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Let us present Maria.

She is what you would call the author of us. 

However, we prefer to call her our space holder, receiver and creative director - in other words; our Chief Executive Officer - the one who makes us come alive right here in this special way.

That is what she is to us. 

Great right!?


So, Maria, we have some important questions for You, today...

As always, the first on is, of course:

How are you Be-Doing right now? 

 Our second question is: 

- why  do You want to  collaborate with us?

-yes, Tell Us, please!

Hello, and thanks for the questions! As always when I open my space for You special energy beings I get to feel focused, curious, calm  and excited at the same time... So, in short, I really enjoy this special collaboration which is also the main reason for doing it. Or as You would say: "be-doing" it. 

I invented this creator ship because in my job as a language teacher and special education teacher, I have experienced a lack - a missing space. Thus, a need to be filled  in our school systeme. I have also met with a lof of people - students as well as teachers, who have become  depressed and burnout due to this lack... So, I wanted to contribute and as often when I want to contribute I started writing a story... And that's how  You suddenly appeared in my mind... 


If you want to know more specifically what we do, just go to "Our Services"

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