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Help us find the Seven Power Keys
that hide here, somewhere
in our magic Color Key-Trees!


We need them on our next exciting expedition

with the special mission

to wake up the whole

spectrum of our lost brothers' and sisters' soul

and bring back home the important inner Core

However, we also need them right here and now, for sure

in order to open Miss Butterfly's heavy, old front Door
and all the inner Power Portals of her mystical Corridore
where we will meet all the spe
cial beings and get all the magic Power Tools

instructions and rules

that we will need

in order to succeed 

We actually, already know

a little a bit of all that, thought

Yes, for intstance, we know that we will meet with all the Liniears

of the two Great kingdoms of the Ears

and their rulers King Kun and Queen Dalin

who will help us find the special ring rarely seen

called The Ring of the HeArt of Discipline

We also know that we will meet a cool guy called Peter 

who will give us an  explain more about his Multi-Magic Meter

that can measure

what is true treasure 

and distinguish 

the difference between a true need and superfiscial wish

We also know that we will meet The Super Dragon with it's veil
that hold the magic power to unveil
old, invisible and concealed

wounds in need of being healed

and of course The Spoky Spinner and it's magic power Nets

as well as a bunch of other Multi-culti-Pet's

and not to forget all the Tricky witty Unity Fighter's

with their nitty gritty Goofy Lighters

the power Anchors and Steering Wheels of the UpLevel Ship
that will keep us on track
in our upcoming exploring trip

and also in the process of healing

everything that we most certainly suddenly will try to avoid feeling

as soon as w'vee crossed the space and time frame

and entered into that old and complex game

such as, the magical swingeling

Nothing and Everything ring

the super-duper anchor, the steering heal-wheel

And, not to forget, the whole vehicle of the trip

Our Master and Conscious Content Creator Ship 

HeArt communication, of course,

which will always help to reconnect home to their true Source 

They will definitively also bring

the weirdest creatures

with the most crazy abilities, powers and features

that you can ever envision

However, if you want to know more about everyting

they will bring

on their special expedition 

you'll just have to follow them backwards within the Space and Time Frame

into that very special old and complex game

If you decide to do so, we wish you Heartily Welcome on board!

We promise

it will bring you much more than you ever thought

you could afford!

This might sound  kind of strange to you, - or maybe not

at all...

but actually trying to avoid feelings (such as fear, shame, anger, pain, sadness, need

and not the least greed)

is actually like an old, inherited part of the plot

of that old, complex game we nowadays often just refer to as the Fall