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 the tale of the OLD GAME

We are almost 100 percent sure                

that the very important deepest inner core                  

of some of our heart-muses, do-be-co-bees                


as well as the occasional flowing fairy and creator elf      

is still somehow stuck in a very old game creation itself    

We believe this why they have been sensible to the disease 

as well as the inefficiency of the special cures of our Key-trees

Fortunately, some of us here, within the Innowhere

- yes, some really adventurous and brave

have now decided to go on a special mission


to try to save

and release their deepest inner core

It will, for sure

be an utterly, butterly challenging and uncertain expedition,

They will have to travel backwards in the space and time frame

to be able to return into that very, old and complex game

So in order to enable a successful outcome of the mission

they will, certainly also bring

all of our latest upgraded flowing and glowing

power techniques, sprit wit and grit

and not the least our super power tools 

specially designed for upgrading the education of the schools

within the old game

we once gave the name

An experiment of Grace

You see, most of the inhabitants and players there 

are not at all aware

 that they operate and create at a fairly low level of awareness

We actually guess,

that many of them have gone astray

an  lost their way

in the paradox of Moment 22 

and the mysteries of the singularity of the Great I and the Great U

 and therefore

 are limited when it comes to

operating in full contact with the magic of the inner core

and their creative flow

and glow

which also prevent them from the full discovery of themselves

In a way they are actually imprisoned by the same disease

as some of our beloved heart-muses, do-be-co-bees


flowing fairies and creator elves

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