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In the deepest darkness of eternal Space

there’s a special Place

we initially just called the Game of Grace

However, as time has passed by, we now call it

The Old Game of the Fall

and the Split

of it All

Sometimes though, we prefer

to just refer

to it as Grace Concealed

since it's deepest Secrets has not yet been revealed

and it's energy field

isn't fully healed

Hence the low frequency sound

is still echoing deep within it's ground

sipping out from the inner core

Of this, of course, all those who go there in order to explore

The Treasure Seekers and the Diggers

have not the slightest clue

Nor do the know that they are like the Triggers

just by doing what they do

The Triggers of what? You might wonder

Well, the triggers of everything that hide deep Under...



The Old Game

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