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The Master & Conscious 

The Master & Conscious 

welcome Dear

to my private office right here

at the nose tip
of our special dreaming

 crackling and beaming
Yes, heartily welcome on a little rou
nd trip
aboard our unique 
head quarter ship!

I’m Ray, buy the way

and the one and only cat

with a master hat

in organisation, communication,

delegation, co-ordination,

of information

and, of course, transformation

of separation

and integration

of love, - well, all right,

- purification of light!

I’m also the CIO and the head

of our information floor

and certainly, also Your 

special guide on this particular tour

where You will learn a little more

about our very special crew,

what we like to co-be-do

and co-be-do-be-shoe,

how we came to be,

 to perceive, hear, feel, sens and see

Briefly, our way, our passion

mission and vision!

And, not the least, how we can help You

to thrive, flourish and score

with less struggle and fight

 Great right?!

Yes, let's start this particular tour

by opening my heavy, old door 

and turn on the light

of the Corridore

 of the South

and go down to the service office on the ground floor

which we actually often just call The Hole of Mouth 

Oops, in order to succeed 

it  seams as if we need  

to feed

and wake up some of the sad zombie here 

yes, let's give them some sunny funny food

for their heart

that will bring them back to their balanced mood

so they can continue to create their very special art